From: A Man Hides Food From His Family

One day, something said to him, "Please give me a root."
It turned out to be a person who had only one arm.
The man looked at this person,and said, "What's happened to this person, a person with only one arm who goes about saying that he should be given a root? What kind of person is this? He has only one side!"
The thing said, "You too could come to have only one side! Just give me some roots. I am unable to dig for roots."
This fellow refused. He said, "Go on! I don't have time for that!"
He said, "Come and sit by me. You'll see better that I have no arm."
The man approached, and when he came near to this creature: " Oh, this person does resemble a human being, except that he had only one arm, there's only one eye! One leg! And the thing doesn't move from this place! He has only one finger on his hand, one finger with a long nail!"
The man squatted then and dug for roots. And this ting suddenly moved its nail, and ripped off the man's rectum, throwing it over there.
It threw the man's rectum over there.

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