The Mi Concept

January 23, 2009

Mi is essentially nothing.
A transient thought.
One that was right in its moment of now.

Its origins were rooted in opposition to the psychological theory of attachment, finding identity by our attachment; abandoning the real self for an idealized one, trying to actualize this pseudo-self instead of our given human potentials.

Fuck the masses. For so long as our sense of self is a result of a collection of conditioned reactions, fears and beliefs, rather than from our true self, we will move further from our natural essence. When we stop identifying self with our collective choices and stop defending them, our essential self begins to appear. This new found individuality is true freedom. True status.

Mi, as a design collective, creates beautiful things that a specific audience may view with a shared perspective. But these objects are not you. You are the mirror and the face in it.

808 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA. 94109